Conditions of Delivery

The enclosed VDMA terms of delivery apply and are supplemented by the following conditions:

  1. Machine Design
    The machine design meets the standards set by Grossmann. Al- surfaces, galvanized or plated surfaces and surfaces of plastic parts are not normally painted. Other surfaces are burnished black or painted in black , moss green (RAL 6005) or gray Tele 4 (RAL 7047). Any other customer requirements concerning the interface design or color are described in the specifications . Subsequent client requests are billed at cost.

  2. Credentials
    The Customer agrees that he may be called as a reference.

  3. Execution of the control
    1. Software: standard in the programming of PLC controllers are the following types of control: automatic operation, manual operation and service operation. The changeover to manual operation is only possible with a key switch. The service operation is programmed exclusively for the maintenance personnel and only available with a key switch and a password. We program the control functions in accordance with our safety standards and requirements for the correct functioning of the machine.
    2. The designation of electric parts such as cables, terminals, sensors, motors and other electrical components comply with the current standards and our standards. Pneumatic and hydraulic lines and components comply with market standards and our standards. From points a to c differing customer requirements are described in the specifications. Subsequent client requests are billed at cost.


  4. Material provided for by the customer material for commissioning:
    The materials needed for the construction or commissioning of the machine are made available to us for free. This material corresponds to the information in the specifications and will be delivered in time for the production or commissioning by the customer.
    The customer is responsible for the timely delivery and the quality of the material. If there is delay in delivery, the agreed delivery date will be delayed accordingly. A new delivery date will be set by the Grossmann Company after the receipt of the material and the customer will be informed.
    The machine is built, tested and commissioned at the company Grossmann or sro in operation according to the master material. The factory acceptance test is also done with the same material. If during the acceptance or during the subsequent production other materials are used, and thereby cause interference or damage to the machine, so this happens at the expense of the customer.

  5. An order is considered accepted if the customer does not contradict the order confirmation within 10 days of its issuance.

  6. If the customer alters the ongoing project in any way, the project will be stopped and the customer will receive a supplementary offer which consider the changes desired. Depending on the complexity caused by the alterations, a new delivery date will be agreed on with the customer.

  7. The delivery schedule begins with receipt of the first payment.

  8. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery.

  9. Within the warranty period, the maintenance of the delivery item must be carried out according to the instruction manual. The maintenance must be substantiated by performance records and protocols.

  10. The place of jurisdiction is Schweinfurt.