Friction winding shafts and friction winders

Konventionelle Friktions-Wickelwellen und Friktions-Wickelhülsen Konventionelle Friktions-Wickelwellen und Friktions-Wickelhülsen
 Conventional friction winding shafts and friction winding sleeves


Friktions-Wickelwellen mit Spannschalen Spannschalen-Friktionswickler
Friction winding shafts with clamping shells      


Cost-effective clamping shells – friction winder  with cross cutter and semi-automatic feeder Affordable friction winding shaft with bayonet flange and standard drive assembly.

In addition to conventional friction winding shafts, we also manufacture clamping shell- friction winding shafts from Ø24 mm. The desired web tension is generated by servo motor slip and pressure control.
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