General execution guidelines

A.  General execution guidelines

  1. If the execution guidelines cannot be complied with, Grossmann Engineering  is to be informed by all suppliers and in turn the end user must be advised of the changes made. Changes or additions must be approved in writing by Grossmann Engineering. With its confirmation the subcontractor guarantees by the confirmation all items on this execution policy. The customer confirms the order with all the points of this execution policy.
  1. In the manufacturing and assembly of products for Grossmann Engineering is the highest possible care must be taken . Grossmann Engineering is committed to the highest possible care and diligence for its customers. To ensure the flawless realization, the technical execution must be carried out according to the rules.
  1. During the execution of complete machinery / equipment, the following must be observed:
    1. The provisions of the relevant DIN , ISO and VDE standards must be observed.
    2. The components of the respective manufacturer's installation instructions must be followed.
    3. The requirements of the EC Machinery Directive (98/37/EC ) must be complied with in the  scope  of supply.
    4. The present operator stations on the machine or system itself are designed according to ergonomic principles and conform to the latest findings.
    5. The machine / system and its protective equipment correspond to the electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic demands of the safety regulations and the currently valid laws and regulations on environmental protection.
    6. Attention must be paid to low-noise operation of the machine or system. It is especially important that the individual sound pressure level of 85 dB (A ) is not exceeded in the operating area of the machine / plant. Excluded are working noise of tools, workpieces and workpiece transport.
  1. Operating Conditions: Unless otherwise agreed, the machine is constructed for the following operational environment.
  1. Installation                                          location in a hall
  2. Ambient temperature:                         15 ÷ 30°C
  3. Environment:                                       without risk of explosion
  4. Humidity:                                             40 ÷ 80%
  5. Pollution:                                             no pollution and pollutant