Mechanical Winding Shafts

Mechanical winding shafts with clamping strips
Mechanische 3"-Standardwickelwelle
Mechanical 3 "standard winding shaft with clamping strips Mechanical 3" stainless steel winding shaft for vacuum chambers, with clamping strips
Mechanical winding shafts with clamping rollers
Clamping roller winding shaft for a sleeve inner diameter of 50mm with standard bayonet flange. Clamping rollers and tension adapters for sleeve diameters for 300 mm and 500 mm, with support washers for wide sleeves

We build standard mechanical winding shafts in diameters 70 to 76 mm. Other diameters are manufactured to customer specifications.

The winding shafts can be tightened by turning a knurled nut.  In the standard version, the entire winding shaft is moved axially with the two small knurled nuts. The displacement can be read on the pin in the center of the winding shaft.