Shear cut knife

Paper cutting knives are characterized by a long life and a high cutting speed.

Matching cutter bars for mounting the blade cassettes are part of our delivery.

SMK 410 SMK 610  



Lower blades with a diameter of  90 and 105 mm and matching lower blade shafts with drive are also available.

Quick Overview of our delivery program for paper cutting blade cassettes:

Type      Max. cutting Speed Knife holder width
diameter of the circular blade
SMK410 600 m/min 38 mm 90 mm ​​paper up to 150 g / m² , plastic , aluminum and copper foil
SMK425 400 m/min 25 mm 90 mm paper , plastic film to 0.3 mm
SMK610 1000 m/min 42 mm 150 mm wider scope , including hard and thick materials
SMK850 1000 m/min 48,5 mm 150 mm wider scope , even heavy materials