Rewinder Assembly

Einseitig gelagerte Wicklerbaugruppe Beidseitig gelagerte Wicklerbaugruppe
 Cantilevered rewinder on one side  rewinder anchored on both sides

The rewinder modules are mounted from our standard components. We lay out drives and brakes according to your needs. Standardized controls regulate rail or web speed with the desired accuracy.

As part of our winding technology modular system, rewinder modules can  be expanded. e. g. with web guide controllers and sheet cutters.

Winder assemblies

 Cantilevered rewinder on one side  rewinder anchored on both sides

The winder assemblies essentially consist of our standard assemblies, which we offer in our Internet shop (link to the Internet shop). Drives, brake motors and brakes are designed according to your requirements.

We are able to adapt standardized controls for web speed, web tension and web run to your requirements.

The winder assemblies are expandable e.g. with standardized length-wise and cross-cutters and measuring rollers.